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Our company has been specialized in the R & D of production and technology, and products can be customized upon request

—— Special manufacturer of LED charging flood light ——

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Quality assurance

High efficiency and energy saving: Under the same brightness, our lamps can save the energy by 90% at least compared with traditional incandescent lamp;

Health and environmental protection: Our lamps are free from mercury, ultraviolet light, electromagnetic radiation or environmental pollution;

Sturdiness and durability: The lamp body is made of precision aviation aluminum alloy, to strengthen the heat dissipation performance;

Ultra-long service life: During the normal use, the service life is up to 50000 hours, which is 10 times longer than that of the traditional lamps;

High color rendering property: Color restoration is real, the vision is clear and distortion will not be caused when seeing objects;

Not attracting mosquitoes: The lamps are free from infrared light and ultraviolet light, so mosquitoes will not be attracted.

Wide applications

Guangyun Lighting is a manufacturer specialized in LED indoor and outdoor series products;

Our company is mainly engaged in portable LED charging flood light, solar LED charging flood light with sensor;

The products are widely used in picnics, camping, night fishing, power failure emergency and repair works, street lighting as well as other areas and projects.

Good reputation

Guangyun Lighting has always adhered to the principles of “Quality First, Service First”;

Strive for survival on the basis of quality and development on the basis of services;

Our products have been well received by customers since they entered the market;

Our products have been sold to many provinces and cities and exported to Singapore, Europe and other countries and areas.

High-quality services

Relying on 7*24-hour service hotline and excellent after-sales services, we are able to quickly solve the problems;

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the first-class products and services;

Our purposes are to “win the trust of users with quality and customers with services”.

Zhongshan Guangyun Lighting Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Guangyun Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of LED indoor and outdoor series of products, the main production led high power lighting, led flood light, led wall washer, and led energy saving lamps, ceiling lamps, tube lamp and so on. Products are widely used to sprinkle it, works, street lighting……


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