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How does the LED light switch select the power source for the LED light projector?


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The main raw material of the LED projector consists of three parts:

1, the lamp body shell, 2, 3, LED, LED power supply

The LED lamp power supply is constant current switching power supply is composed of many electronic components, the parameters of LED drive power supply (output current, output voltage), and the LED lamp needs completely, or easy to damage the LED or LED lamp driver.

LED lamp driver is provided to LED lamp voltage and current, drive LED lamp light. The current driving power is bigger, LED lamp will be more light, LED lamp heat will rise, but when the current exceeds the tolerance range of LED lamp, LED lamp can be damaged.

LED drive power prices are very confusing, some parameters are only minor changes, prices will be very different, common driving power has resistance, step-down, non isolated, isolated type. LED light driver is waterproof, and it is difficult to distinguish the quality of the product from the appearance, so the light driver is required to identify the product, materials and process without filling glue.


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