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How does the LED projector select the LED projector housing?


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The main raw material of the LED projector consists of three parts:

1, the lamp body shell, 2, 3, LED, LED power supply

The shell of the LED projection lamp is formed by die-casting aluminum alloy through a die, and then formed by grinding, polishing, painting and other drilling procedures. After drilling, the finished semi-finished product is finished.

LED lamp case is: LED lamp will help dissipate heat rapidly. LED cast light on shell product power, life, brightness, light attenuation parameters play a decisive role.

The main cost of the shell of the LED light projector is made of aluminum alloy. The price of aluminum alloy is measured by weight and how many tons according to the price. Therefore, the thickness of the shell, the radiator height, the number of tendons are directly affecting the price of the product, but also affect the quality of the product.

So you need to choose the LED light carefully, compare the parameters of each product and the raw material gap.


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