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What are the factors that affect the cooling of the LED light projector?


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Although the LED projector is a cold light source, it does not mean that the LED light does not heat up. These are two completely different concepts. The quality of the LED projector is directly affected by the cooling effect of the LED projector, and the main factors affecting the heat dissipation of the LED light projector are:

1, LED projector light housing material

Aluminum cooling effect better than iron, led cast light housing should be selected aluminum, not iron;

2, LED lamp housing thickness

The thicker the shell, the faster the heat dissipation;

The heat conducting medium, 3 LED light bulb contact with the housing

Thermal grease affects heat lamp can timely export to cast light shell heat;

4. The environment of the light projector.

Two important parameters are given here: the working temperature of the shell of the light projector is decreased by 10 degrees, and the service life of the light switch will be concealed about two times; when the LED projector is in operation, the shell temperature is about 65 degrees.


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