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Why is the LED projector energy-saving?


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There are two aspects to the energy saving of the LED projection lamp

First, the LED light emitting lamp has high luminous efficiency, and the luminous efficiency means that each watt of electric energy is converted into the amount of light energy. The unit is LM/W (lumen / watt). Can make a comparison, the home is often used fluorescent tube and energy-saving lamps. The luminous efficiency of fluorescent tube is usually 40-50LM/W. Energy saving lamp in 50-60LM/W. (that means qualified products, such as Philip's, which are not made in China). LED's luminous efficiency is now generally white light source at 130LM/W. The finished light is in 100LM/W. (note that the light emitting efficiency and light emitting efficiency of the product is not the same ah, because the finished cast light and circuit loss, and loss of the optical lens, so refined luminous efficiency and light source is generally only about 80%). Obviously, the efficiency of LED light is about twice as much as that of energy-saving lamps. What do you mean? That is to say, to achieve the same brightness, the LED light will save half the electricity than the energy saving lamp.

Second reasons for such waste is light, LED floodlight less, we need to use home decoration, light place, not in the room, the most obvious is the table of several chandeliers, are only exposure to the table, like a few best flashlight irradiation past effect, but now the traditional the light source, such as energy-saving lamps, there are 360 degree light, full of radiation, and then use a light cover to light together, so that there are about 30% of the optical loss in the light cover part, and the LED is 30-170 degree light, optical and professional lens focusing, loss of only 5-10%. So this place has about 20% energy saving effect.

So, generally speaking, to achieve the same brightness, LED light will be about 70% less than ordinary light source.


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