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What are the precautions when using the LED light?


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In our real life can always see the LED light, usually on the market the sale of lamps are one watt of power, of course, also some of the company's heat treatment function better, will use three watts or higher power, but most of them are one watt of power, a this is mainly suitable for lamp lighting in large occasions, so in the use of light like this, should pay attention to what?

First, when using such an illuminating lamp, is there a scale plate beside the lamp, because such a plate is easy to adjust the angle of the irradiation light, so it is necessary to have the plate.

Two, in the choice of time, according to their own needs, choose the right model of their own back, so that mainly in order to be able to facilitate their replacement, convenient and maintenance are simple.

Three, in addition to according to their own needs to choose a different light distribution system, is usually divided into two different systems, one is the angle between the symmetrical system, a system is non symmetrical wide angle. No matter to which choice system suitable for themselves.

There are also many people who call this kind of projection light LED projection lamp, because they use the same principle, there are light cast, also called projection light, but no matter what the name is correct.


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